Pool & Billiards

Pool game belongs to the family of Cue games with few variations in the size and regulations of games. Just like snookers, even pool game is played in table but it has six pockets along with the rails wherein you are supposed to deposit the balls in the pockets. This is also popularly known as eight ball and nine ball pool game. We provide you with excellent equipments required to play the game. Enjoy the leisure of playing pool games at ClubO7 and be a champion pool player.

Billiards is played with balls and cue but with a pocket- less table. It is played with three balls in different colours such as white, yellow and red, wherein the balls will be divided in respective team members. Three- cushion billiards, straight rail, etc. At Club O7, we assure you that cue games will refresh your mind and revitalise your energy.


Volley Ball, game played by two teams, usually of six players on a side, in which the players use their hands to bat a ball back and forth over a high net, trying to make the ball touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned. To prevent this a player on the opposing team bats the ball up and toward a teammate before it touches the court surface—that teammate may then volley it back across the net or bat it to a third teammate who volleys it across the net. A team is allowed only three touches of the ball before it must be returned over the net.


The walls have never been so engaging, intriguing and the one that instils a spirit of sportsmanship. Our fully equipped squash court is the best place to burn those extra calories OR play just for fun. It’s a healthy breeze of rejuvenation and just an ideal sport to unwind of a busy work schedule. Come, unplug from work at our professionally built squash court at Club O7.

Table Tennis

An indoor game which can be played in two or four players, Table Tennis is an interesting game. It is played with a light weight ball which needs to hit by small round rackets on a table. Originally played in England among the upper class folks after the dinner, this game was later modified by British Military Officers in India and thus making it popular in India also. Often known as Ping pong, Table Tennis has achieved its place in Olympics and thus has established International tournaments on its name all across the globe. At ClubO7, we provide you with the best infrastructure to play your favourite game and enjoy the leisure in the perfect environment.

Lawn Tennis

Some games give you a high, and then there is a game that not just gives you a high, but is played at the highest point of the elevation. Sky Fall Tennis is played at the highest point of the structure wherein you can feel energy in the air. It is definitely not an easy game but yes practice will definitely make you a champion. We urge you to come and pamper the sportsman in you in a never before experienced way of playing Tennis at our Sky Fall Tennis court. The stage is set of our state of the art sky fall tennis court. Come; indulge in a redefined way of playing Tennis at Club O7.


Not just any other racquet sport OR a game about shuffling the shuttle cock; the highly addictive game of Badminton also finds its place at the Club O7. The badminton court is equipped with a lush padded competition-standard mat that enhances the players’ footwork, stance and grip during play. An Olympic game, Badminton has received huge appreciation and popularity in India. The history of the game can be traced during British India and resembled to ball badminton, which originated in Tamil Nadu. The game which served as leisure for British military officers, has now gained huge popularity and love in our country. Come and indulge yourself in this sport and celebrate Everyday Weekend.

Box Cricket

Box Cricket Is The Miniature Version Of Cricket. Several versions of the game have been in existence since the late 1960s, and like conventional cricket, the indoor version involves two batsmen, a bowler and a team of fielders. The bowler bowls the ball to the batsmen who must score runs.

Riffle Shooting

With a huge inventory of air rifles from all the major brands, this is your place and moment to learn everything about Air Rifle Shooting. Competing with friends or training for a greater good, this arena avails you training to be the better version of you.