The Essence of Gujarat

Sabras – The Essence of Gujarat

Once you land in Ahmedabad, it is impossible to resist yourself from Gujarati Thali. Gujarat loves their food and also showers abundance of love through delicious food. It is their love for food that stands out in the nation and thus wherever you have migrated in the world, you heart will always come to Gujarat for food. The undying love for food can be easily seen in Gujaratis. Gujarati Thali is considered to be the largest amalgamation of various food items that makes your heart sing on colourful gujarati culture. The traditional Gujarati Thali comprises of Dal, Roti, Sabzi, Kadhi, Rice, Dessert, Snack (Farsan), Pickles and Buttermilk. People from all across the world fall in love with the traditional Undhiyu (a mixed vegetable cooked upside down beneath the ground in earthen pots), Dhokla, Mohanthal and Aamras . Enjoy the traditional and wholesome meal of Gujarat.