Mocca & Fursatt

Coffee Shoffee

Mocca & Fursatt – a coffee & breakfast culture shop

Since decades, coffee shops have been playing major role for get together and gatherings. It was considered one of the best forums for discussions and spent time together. The idea behind Mocca & Fursat was to offer you ample time with your beloved ones and relive wonderful moments. The lively ambience is especially designed for people to unwind their old memories along with delicious coffee. The coffee shop is an excellent place for the younger generation to hangout with their friends. Different types of coffee lovers are no secret and hence we serve coffee which suits your palate. Right from vibrant and strong flavours to lightly roasted brimming coffee, Mocca & Fursat will serve you the best coffee. This is the best place for people who love to dive in the pool of bitter and smoky coffee, allowing themselves to swim in the mellow sweetness of coffee and memories.