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Our ancestors have blessed us with the power of yoga to stay healthy and mentally fit. Yoga is a magical world wherein you not only stay fit but also improves your mental fitness. The journey of yoga was started in India and has travelled to almost all part of world, spreading secrets of happiness and good health. Practicing yoga aligns your life and gives you the strength to fight in the most difficult situations. It guides your soul in the darkest hour and helps you in understand the deepest part of your own. At ClubO7, we would like to introduce you to this magical journey which has changed million lives.


In the modern era wherein we live in a jungle of construction, it becomes very important to take good care of our health since there is high level of increase in the pollution rate. In such chaos, exercising is the most essential for human body to fight back with pollution and unhealthy eating habits. Hence, at Club O7 we provide you exercising amenities such as high tech gymnasium to stay fit and enjoy the fitness regime.


Aerobics is a form of exercise that combines music and strength training regime which helps in improving all elements of body. This exercise pattern includes stretching and strength gaining routines. Though developed in US, this has gain wide popularity in India due to its wonderful benefits for health. At times, exercising can be boring for some folks but exercising on the rhythmic tune is an interesting way of gaining fitness and thus is loved by many fitness lovers. Aerobics not only gives freedom to eat your loved food but also helps in improving your stamina. It helps in reducing health risks, boosts immune system and tackles chronic conditions thus at ClubO7, you can gain fitness but in your style.Read More

  • Treat your mind, body and soul with a blissful experience/ Pamper and love yourself.

Due to hectic working styles and unhealthy lifestyle spreading across the world, one needs to rejuvenate the body and mind to feel fresh and stay energized. Spa is the best way to eliminate all your stress levels and helps in refreshing. The Amida – spa at Club O7 helps you in pampering yourself. Spa is a perfect retreat to your health and mind that heal you naturally.Read More

Dolphin for Kids

Dolphin Swimming pool is specially designed for kids and thus is excellent for kids to practice swimming.

Majestic – Olympic Size

Majestic swimming pool as it sounds is a Olympic size pool designed for adults who are skilled swimmers and thus can get refreshed in the wonderful swimming pool.

Hot Spring Warm Water Pool

Hot Spring Warm Water Pool is considered highly beneficial for the health issues such as joint pains and back ache. Hot spring water is ancient old medicine to heal the pain naturally without any side effects.Read More

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