About ClubO7

An Ultimate Rejuvenating Destination

Club O7

Welcome to Club O7, your ultimate destination to enjoy, rejuvenate and grab your slice of life. Club O7 is the largest city club in Gujarat spread across lush ample acres of land in a perfect strategic locale, enchanting you into a world of supreme joy and splendid beauty soothing your body and soul. Presenting you a world free of pollution, stress, heck n deck of this mechanical life and Club O7 introduces you to a life kings size. Club O7 extends an opportunity to explore your style quotient and providing surplus fascinating avenues to rediscover your own self.

Club O7 is an enthralling luxurious urban escape to rebound with your family, friends, colleagues, associates and of course developing new friend circles / networks. Club O7 facilitates you to have loads of fun in its fitness, relaxation, rejuvenation, business and celebration centers. Because it’s not just a club; it’s an essential part of your life.


Country’s largest club in India ensures to make your life vivacious. Our vision lies in enriching and giving a larger than life experience, a promise to bring smile on your face and make sure you come back to us with it. We promise to offer joy of living to every generation of your family.

We aim to be constantly known as the giver of happiness for a life time, an undeniable commitment to always provide you and your family an unforgettable experience with our perfect hospitality.


As the generation today is torn between the fast pace stressed life and harsh climate, we wanted to build a home away from home, for your lazy days or days with active thoughts, for your sports or business game plans, for your personal space or space with your family and friends or space to just get lost merry in a huge celebration / parties.

We always want you to have picture perfect moment with your family, hence extending our precious offer to member’s parents of 60 years and above will have free access into the club and children below 18 years will have free access into the club.