Club Affiliations

Terms & Conditions

For using club facilities by visiting Reciprocal members.

  1. Members need to take Affiliation ID card from Club office.
  2. This card valid for one year from date of issue, which is already mentioned on affiliation cards.
  3. Affiliation card would be given on chargeable basis. Rs. 50/card.
  4. This card cannot be issued at club O7 for any purpose.
  5. The agreement is only for providing a reciprocal arrangement to the members of the respective clubs for availing the facilities made available from time to time by the management of the host club. Each of the clubs shall in no way be responsible for the acts of its reciprocal affiliate other than for the purpose of providing reciprocal arrangement for its valued members
  6. The reciprocal arrangements will apply to bonafide members and their family members of affiliated club only.
  7. Reciprocal facilities will be made available only to members visiting the city and not to members who have taken permanent residence in that City.
  8. Reciprocal members should produce valid club identity card along with the authorization from parent club for the use of the club facilities.
  9. Reciprocal member visiting the club should sign the necessary details in the register placed at the reception of the club and pay necessary charges, if any.
  10. Reciprocal members may avail the facilities for maximum 7 days in a month or 30 days in a year.
  11. Reciprocal members are required to pay the full charges of any club amentias, like games, swimming pool, restaurant, food court, room rent & any other charges activities or events etc. in advance, in Cash/Demand draft/credit card/RTGS process only.
  12. In case any services or activity will not use after registration, the charges will be refundable. In case the room (s) is/are not occupied on the date of arrival as confirmed, full day’s rent will be livid as cancellation charges.
  13. Reciprocal members are required to abide by the rules and regulation of Club prevailing from time to time.
  14. Reciprocal member will not be permitted to entertain their guest at the club.
  15. Reciprocal members are required to settle all the bills in cash or credit card only, for any service availed before leaving Club premises or the sponsored reciprocal club being visiting. Settlements of bill are required to be cleared at the time of club in this respect. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  16. Member desiring accommodation from reciprocal clubs should write or contact directly our front desk manager, floor manager.
  17. This reciprocal agreement is entered into on the date indicated below and shall continue to be valid until terminated by either club following thirty (30) days notice in advance without affecting the reservations made beforehand prior to termination.